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Thread: The Thin Red Line ;) VHS-cap question

  1. Default The Thin Red Line ;) VHS-cap question

    Perhaps not a software problem just yet, but i think this is the nearest under-forum i can come?

    You know that line that often is a fact on old VHS-tapes

    it looks exactley like this >>>>>>>>>>>>> <----a straigh line like this in the upper of the screen and spread between the corners of the screen(in same colour as the movie thou)

    i have a found a retro-VHS(from the 80:s)so someone capped it to an AVI
    the question is, can you with some tool ore editing program eliminate this anoyng line and straigh it out, so it looks like ther rest of the screen again

    Data source: DVD
    DVD title number: 1
    Runtime: 01:39:58

    Video format: NTSC
    FPS: 23.976
    Size: 624 x 464
    Video bitrate (kbps): 1049
    Video codec: XviD
    2-pass-encoded: yes
    Fast resizing: yes


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    Welcome to the wonderful world of overscan!
    A VHS-sized picture can't fit the screen completely and that's why you get that sort of effect. TV sets are programmed with overscan, which hides the monstruosity. Monitors and other displays, however, don't do overscan. So if you're gonna show that footage on TV, there's no need to worry, pal. Otherwise, you'll have to crop it. You can use simple, freeware software, such as VirtualDub.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mihai View Post
    Welcome to the wonderful world of overscan!
    Im not to sure the actors would be overwhelmed if i gave the such a drastic haircut..If i understand your expression "crop it" right?
    the movies involved Don King and....Danny Devito you see....not

    anyway i wanted to have this movie on computer only, so i guess there isn't mutch to do here

    thanks anyway...

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    If you are going to watch the movie on a monitor then you will see the entire picture because of the display nature of monitors. If on the otherhand you were to watch it on a regular TV, then the edges are not shown and so any lines are hidden from view. Don't know of any software off hand that can get rid of the line you describe.

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