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Thread: Can't Copy From My Camcorder?

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    Default Can't Copy From My Camcorder?

    I have a ToshRDXS34 recorder and am trying to copy a minidv tape from my camera onto the hard drive but after about 8 secs of recording it keeps coming up that 'source content is protected'. However when I play it back those first 8 secs are actually recorded. First of all I thought it might be to do with sliding the tab across on the tape so that you can't record over it but that doesn't work. The camera is connected to the DVDR by the red/yellow/white connectors and is set to Line input. The strange thing is that I have already copied this tape onto a VHS tape on my VCR so I'm stumped!! Any advice ?

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    Sounds like the recorder has macrovision protection enabled and is cutting in, but why it would do this while recording from a camcorder I don't know, have you tried the Tosh CS. The unit may be faulty or just incompatible with your cam.
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