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    Bought a second hand camera via ebay and have had problems. When i began to use fast rewind the tape would often stop and the message "eject cassette" would appear. i would have to do this in order to resume function of the camera. Lately however the cassette has refused to eject and although going through all the usual whirrs and clicks the cassette holder will no longer open.

    thoughts and suggestions on either problem would be much appreciated along with any good repair outfits in the UK.

    And no i cannot return the item via ebay to the sender as i was out of the country for two months and did not open the parcel until my return...too late!! Trust them and the screw you!!

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    Well you never know... maybe it was the two months of being in a box that killed it lol.

    I left my old 8mm on a shelf for ages once
    when I went back to it the eject motor was seized
    It's not about what camera you use or how much it cost.

    It's about what you shoot,
    how you shot it,
    and how you edit it :P

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