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    basically, im creating a video series for my biking forum and are having probs with compressing it to around 2mbps.

    I use adobe premiere elements for the editing and have the teaser for the main video all edited up in there, and I've made a full quality version for the dvd extras section, but i also need a version in 2mbps for the website that hosts it.

    Because i dont know how to compress to a specific bitrate properly in elements, I imported it into Windows Movie Maker and then exported it to 2mbps that way (beause i know how to do it in movie maker).

    hoooowever, i import the full quality teaser (after exporting from elements) into movie maker collections i think its called, where it plays fine, but when i then drag to timeline it goes all screwed (i have a short section of footage then 3 titles, but when in timeline the firs ttitle disappears, and the second and third play where one and two would, then a blank gap where the third would be), and some of the other footage is a little hicklty picklty too.

    any idea what is going on? why is it different on the timeline in movie maker?

    also, if you answer these questions too id be real grateful, thnx

    how do you specify a bitrate in exporting through elements? and what do the various compression otpions for both video and audio mean? are there are guides to each one or what would you say is the best to use?

    thnx a bunch

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    why don't you try to convert video format of your files into another, that weights less? i'd do it in such a way-i have a tool VidLogo by (it's able to compress video by converting between video formats). so i hope it'll help you..

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    thnx for the vidlogo idea, is there a way to get the full version for free?

    are there any other ways to compress?


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    windows media encoder is free and gives you all the settings you could ever need.
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