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Thread: Kessler crane/jib.....any thoughts

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    Default Kessler crane/jib.....any thoughts

    Please can a mod move this if its in the wrong forum.....

    We have done a number of recordings now of various artists/bands and we have quickly discovered the limitations of fixed cams on tripods....we have done a fair bit of research, looked at the "cheaper" cranes/jibs on Ebay etc, but we really like the look of the Kessler 8Ft crane/jib....we believe this is the best way to get more nteresting and professional angles and concert type footage that everyone seems to expect these days....obviously we will factor any additional costs into our fees....

    any comments, anyone use cranes...anyone have any personal experience or recommendations?


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    Ah cranes..... they were the days. I was slightly horrified (a couple of years ago now) at the prices charged and built my own. Alot of people liked it, so I started selling it.

    I've stopped production and sale now because there's alot of good products out there that are alot better than mine and prices have tumbled.

    My recommendation is to have a look at the Hague site and take a look there.

    A couple of points to remember.

    Dont buy one that uses cables to achieve the tilt. They go slack and cause problems.
    Buy an electric head that will turn the camera when it's on the tilt. The angles you can get are amazing.
    Remember you'll need a monitor and remote / lanc for the camera.
    8" seems alot but isn't..... go as long as you can afford.

    Happy to offer more advice if needed.


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    Indebted to you yet again Andy...we have looked at the Kessler crane and the Bescor motorised head, we reckon with the lanc control and remote control of the pan tilt we should be able to cover most options and angles...we intend sticking a VX2100 on the end cos its pretty lightweight...the only other mod we considered was gaffer taping a big lump of foam on the end/base of the jib in case it ever comes in contact with the ground....or a spectatators

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    I bought this underslung powerhead from Hagues at last years Videoforums. It is very good, but you do have to watch the weight on it. The batteries soon fail to lift it again if they get low. Kinda embarrasing when you have to step forward and manually correct it. Lesson - I always use new batteries, every shoot.

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