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    Hi. I just joined the forum and I am hoping someone might be able to help me with a problem I would like to solve. I am wanting to transfer some vhs tapes over to dvd using my dvd recorder. However, the footage that is on them is very old news footage, about 30 years old. Needless to say the quality has really been lost throughout time. So bad that at the top of the videos the picture bends. The guy I got this footage from recently had some of his worked on somehow and now it's alot better quality, no bending at the top of the footage. My question is, would there be any programs that would let me somehow fix this problem of footage bending, perhaps maybe after putting it onto dvd? Any help would be greatly appreciated. If I have confused anyone I have got footage that does what I am trying to describe online, but I didn't just want to join on here and then start sending out links. I'm not sure if this is the appropriate board to be posting this on, I apologize if it isn't.

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    Hi Matt, glad to have u on board.

    I used to have similiar problems. But I was using an 8mm cassette at that time (Both 8mm cassete and VHS are analog videos). As far as I've known, you really can't do much if the source is already not good. The best that I could suggest to get rid the bending-on-top part is by cropping it using an editing software. As for the other quality improvement, you could always color-correct the video also using an editing software.

    If you really plan to do so, I suggest you to capture your VHS to the PC as an avi DV (or any other near-to-uncompressed format) first, then edit it, and finally export it to a DVD.

    But that's just roughly said. Just wandering, why don't u ask the guy from who you get the footage? U said he succeeded in making it a lot better (I'm interested myself u know)

    Hope this helps

    ps:what dvd recorder are u using?
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    Thanks for the reply Azriel! The dvd recorder I am currently using is a Magnavox MWR 10D6. I got it for Xmas and it seems to be doing a really good job, surprisingly, lol. I thought about asking the guy who did improve the quality to the other videos but I would imagine he wouldn't tell me because he would be afraid I might take his customers, lol. I did think about cropping the top but I haven't ever really had much luck with cropping videos, the end result always turns out looking stretched on the television screen. I used TMPGEnc Plus to do the cropping. I wish I could find a really good website that goes into great detail about cropping videos and the dimensions to use and such. I also use EditStudio on some videos which is a really useful program, especially for out of sync videos. If I can find anything out I will keep you updated Azriel. Thanks for the help

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