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Thread: Need advice on realtime editing

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    Default Need advice on realtime editing

    I live abroad and would like to try in my country somthing that I saw in Pier 39 in San Fransico. It is a green screen that you film families on a carpet and put the footage into a ready made movie. The family sits on the carpet and do motions that the director tells them and then they get within 15 min a ready DVD of them flying on the carpet in the air and doing all kinds of stunts. I know how to do this by first filming the footage and then sitting a couple hours on my editng software and putting this all together - but I want to know how I can do this in realtime within 15 min. I would need a software that has all the carpet motions built in advance and puts in the croma keyer while the footage is being filmed.
    Does someone have any idea how I can pull this off?
    Thanks a lot

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    I think you would need a hardware soloution but I know nothing about this.

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    I don't think it's that difficult - but it probably would be hardware based - essentially because doing it in software means rendering time. You can buy production switchers which can do this in realtime and pump out the result to tape, or to DVD via a DVD recorder. Secondhand kit should be too expensive.

    It'd be cheaper to do it in software, and get them to come back in half-an-hour to pick up the rendered copy!
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    Any links to where I can get somthing like this?
    Rendering time isn't that big a problem - I can as you say tell the costumers to come back after half an hour. what I don't know how to do is how to put what I film in to the software immediately with a kroma keyer and have premade motion added to the footage. any ideas?

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    As loing as you are thinking standard def rather than high def then have a look at the Matrox RT.X 100 card. It is a realtime editing card and work with Premiere Pro. Now that the new high def version, the RT.X2 is out, you canpick them up quite cheap. Check this out at aebay

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