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    so hears my problem...I am using vegas 7 to edit m2t files in thier native form (1080 i) and all is well but due to the nature of the project of it being a short film i need it to deinterlace it in magic bullet suite in after effects (prefer it to vegas' deinterlacing). AE and MB accept HDV fine and i can apply the 25p filter fine but when it comes time to output im confronted with a flurry of codec options. Now the default is avi uncompressed and i know avi is just a wrapper but by rendering to an avi file im worried i will lose my 4.2.0 colour space and scared that some minor re-compression will take place seeing as im losing that '.m2t' extension and going to an '.avi' extension. There are options to output into cineform codec, sony yuv etc but i have the same fear regarding them all, i guess i was just hoping to see a 'm2t' codec output option but i guess not. The next obvious thing would have been to output to mpeg 2 but there are so many options and variables in AE of which i would have prefered vegas to handle when time to convert to a dvd readable mpeg 2 file.

    Does anybody know how i can get my 'bulletted' video out of after effects whilst maintaing its 4.2.0 colour space and with no recompression? Thanks in advance

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    Have you went true the "composition" - "Make movie" option? As there it is possible to set the output module to lossless or lossless with alpha.

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    hey thanks for the reply, yeh i always use that route to render 'composition-make movie' but the options im faced with leave me with the same dilema; will avi uncompressed video for windows still keep me in a 4.2.0 colour space and will there be an resoloution loss/compression taking place?

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    All you need do is render to the cineform HD codec - thats it ! Call it an .avi or a .m2t it is still the same information inside the box.

    There will always be a slight loss in quality when rendering / recompressing anything.

    Deinteralcing is likely to produce a much larger drop in quality depending on the material - do you need to deinteralce for the chosen delivery format ? ?

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    Thanks Mark! It's a short film thats trying to mimic a 'film look' so deinterlacing is kind of a must. One thing im still confused about tho, if i output to the cineform hd codec with a .avi tag that will will keep me in 4.2.0 right? but seeing as i will be getting a .avi tag no matter what, will it make a difference if i output it as .avi uncompressed? I only ask as it seems that trying to save my video with the cineform requires me to purchase it in full as vegas 7 comes with a standard one but dont think u can render with it from other programs unless you buy it. I may be mistaken about that but wouls still be interetsed to know the difference between .avi uncompressed vs .avi cineform hd codec.


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