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    I heard that to use "dolby" you had to pay a license fee. The way I understood it was if you bought a program like DVDA 4 the license comes with the purchase, and if you did use it you have to give credit to dolby by showing the logo ec.. Can any one here shed some light on the subject?

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    As in 5.1 surround? It is part of vegas including a heap of different Dolby presets ltoo, so I would think you can encode as much as you like without paying anything more. Interesting question. I guess you probably should pay to stick their logo on a case though. Probably.

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    Had a google and couldnt find anything, will ask at college monday but my guess is that sony paid a gadzillion quid to dolby so we can do as we wish.

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    You need to send a sample of your work to dolby to approve, before they'll let you use their logo.

    Some software does include the liscence fee

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