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    Question video capture

    hi im new to this so bear with me

    I am trying to capture video from my analoge video camera, i am using a hb tx100
    capture device , and trying two different bits of software,
    1 serif movie plus 4
    2 indigicon vhs backup

    when i use movie plus ,it wont let me set the arameters for the x100 and gives me a message to try a different audio or video codec, well i have tried every combination of both but will not capture .

    when i use vhs ackup i get a message saying cannot open avi , isee video in preview pane but fails to capture .

    a any one help

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    Was there any software included with the capture box?

    This is the problem with USB2 devices they require specific software to capture, while a movie plus would capture from a firewire device quite happily.
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