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Thread: Ulead MS7 set up

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    Default Ulead MS7 set up

    Hi, please help, I have a Panasonic SV-AV100 and Ulead MS7. My question is how should I set up Ulead to get the very best results. Should I set the project setting to suit the camera ie 30fps 704X480p or should it be set to the output settings of PAL DVD 25fps 720X576p. How do I do this, in preferences, make movie manager, project settings?
    Many thanks, Carl & Lee

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    30fps 704X480p sounds like NTSC to me. U from the States? If so, then use these settings.

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    To achieve this on an existing file in MSP7,

    1. Hold doen the ALT key and press ENTER

    2. Click the 'Edit' button

    3. From the 'TV Standard' drop down list select Pal or NTSC as appropriate (per Marcs post)

    4. Click 'OK' to remaining dialogs.

    5. Enjoy

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    My problem is the camera is from the USA and I live in the UK, so should I set the program to edit in the camera spec and the convert the finished file to PAL when burning a DVD or should I edit the whole lot in PAL. Which would give the best results. or does it not matter.

    Camera: Panasonic SV-AV100 (solid state SD card 512mb, Mpeg2 video camera)
    Program: Ulead Movie Studio 7
    System: 3ghz P4, 512mb/ram, 128mb Radeon graphics, 125gb h/drives 7200/133 mb/buffer

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    It depends uppon your output medium. If your final output is on a PAL TV system then your project settings should be set to PAL, otherwise to NTSC. I would still capture at 30fps though.

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