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Thread: Pc upstairs - to TV downstairs..

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    Default Pc upstairs - to TV downstairs..

    Right Hey guys, Im neew here.

    Someone told me today, that If u have a S-Video port on ur graphics card, and obviously an S-video cable, u can then plug this into ur VCR, and then plug the aerial, (must be a proper one with signal coming from roof or whatever) into the VCR, and put ur VCR on a certain frequecny or somethin.

    Then go downstairs (in my house) and put ur TV on the same frequency, and u can see ur PC signal. so u can watch ur avi video files downstairs on the TV hoe theatre system. He said this works because the TV aerial wires are all linked up, and u can make the VCR upstairs, seem like a TV channel. so ur TV can find it.

    does anyone have any more info on this

    a website that tells me exactly what to do???


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    This might work depending on how the aerial sockets in your house are connected. The picture would suffer this way.
    A better way would just be to get some long s-vhs and audio cables and run them down stairs.

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    hey , thanks, all the ariels are connected up together, as the signal from the arial is split into three different rooms. My freind says he has done it and there is no suffering with the picture

    But how do u put a Video player on a certain frequency??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jedwards309 View Post
    But how do u put a Video player on a certain frequency??
    VCRs output RF on a frequency that can usually be changed by means of a tiny screw in the back that you turn a tiny bit. Be careful though, as you may move it over the top of an existing TV station freqency. The screw is usually marked RF

    In some high end VCRs the output channel is controlled from the onscreen menu.


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