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Thread: Audio and Video not synching

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    Angry Audio and Video not synching


    I have recently purchased Premier Elelments 3.0 so am relatively new to the whole video editing world. The problem I'm having is that when I import an avi file (like a film) to Premier Elements, the video and audio don't match up. The voices do not appear to synch with the mouth movements. However, when I play the file in Media Player, it works perfectly.

    Help me please, this is seriously doing my head in!!


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    Also, when I'm watching the video in the monitor, it is very jumpy. I presume this is why the audio and video are clashing as the audio is running perfectly but the video is jumping, therefore giving me dodgy synch.

    I am still stuck though as I can't work out why Elements was fine for the first week or so and has been dodgy ever since.



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