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Thread: Have i been scammed???

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    Default Have i been scammed???

    i recentlt bought an analogue camera off ebay but i have a dazzle analogue-digital converter. every time i press eject, it makes a whirring noise as if it is about to eject, then nothing happens. Have i been scammed or is this an easily fixeable problem?

    I have contacted the seller but they deny it being broken.

    i have treid a few repair shops but there are none near me and i am not interested in sending it away. The closest repair shop has a fixed rate of 180 regardless of the problem, which is more than double the price of the camera.

    If no one knows the answer to my problem, i am gonna take it apart and poke it until it works.

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    Not sure about your exact make but if it whirs and the tape is retracted off the heads and back into the cassette its probably the door catch itself which you should be able to fix/modify by fiddling.

    If the tape wont come off the heads then either the motors have gone (bin it) or the motor belts/gears are shafted which ou may be able to replace/bodge.


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    thanks for the advice,
    I took it apart and found that a cog had fallen out. i worked out where it goes but it was behind a black sheet of metal, which could be taken off but had many springs holding it down. I'm afraid that if i take it apart and can't put it back on then i won't be able to send it back. I'm gonna file the report today on ebay. If it fails, i may try to fix it.


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