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Thread: Help I'm trying my hardest and can't figure out

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    Default Help I'm trying my hardest and can't figure out

    I am using Vegas Movie studio 4.0 and I am having major problems. Every picture I import into my new project comes out looking grotesquely grainy. I mean like really grainy.

    I have made a total of 4 movies and the last one I made was grainy too. The 1st three were fine. What the hell is going on?

    I am downloading pictures onto my C:drive, then I am importing them into my movie. I am running the movie editing program on my D:drive. I got two hard drives on this computer just for this reason so I wouldn't use a lot of space on my C:drive. I cannot understand why all of a sudden my pictures are coming out worse. The digital camera I used is actually better (more pixels) than the one I used for the first three.

    What am I doing wrong or how can I fix this problem.

    Need a quick answer because ny little kids football team is having its banquet in a couple of weeks and this dad volunteered to put the highlight reel together.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    I presume they look OK on your comp. outside of Vegas. What size are the stills and what format?.Have you tried rendering one of them?

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    It'll be nothing at all to do with what drives you're saving the pics to. My guess is that (even though you have a new camera thats better) you may have it set at it lowest res when you took the picture. Have you checked the cameras settings? Do the pics look good at full size in preview before importing to your editor?

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    Can you post an example?

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    Default thanks for your replies here goes my answer

    Thank you for trying to help. Let me answer each one of your questions seperately:

    Vegasarian: Yes they look clear on my computer when I am just looking at them
    from my normal "My pictures folder" As far as the size of the stills they are 3.60 MB

    jpegs. Yes I did render them and they came out looking really grainy. Vegas says
    the preview will be grainier than the final product but the final product was still

    Turn Media: Yes the pictures were set at the lowest res when they were taken I

    think. I didn't take the pictures they were put on a zip drive and installed on my
    computer. The pictures are not "crystal" clear before I import them to the editor

    but they are a lot clearer than the final product. I guess some call it "noise". My brother got this program that cleans the pictures up to get rid of this "noise" but

    still even without that cleaner the pics look pretty good. See below for best description I can write

    Mark W.: I will try to post an example but let me try to explain how bad they are in words just in case I can't post an example. Okay if you look for example at the team picture and think of the distance the picture was taken from it looks like a regular little league team picture. The detail is sharp and crisp, lines of smiles are smooth, faces are round etc. A little "noise or grainiess but nominal nothing that makes you think "dang those pictures are grainy!"

    When I import them and place them in the movie the team picture looks really grainy. People's faces get pixelly, they're eyes look like black squares. They're smiles are crooked, you can tell who people are but it just looks like crap. The smooth lines around their face are gone. It reminds me back when I was in elementary school and we used to program Radio Shack TRS-80's and all the edges of the graphics were straight lines nothing was really rounded.

    Last night after I posted this I messed around with the frame rate it was set at .50. I changed it to 29.970. Does messing with the width and height maybe have something to do with it?

    Any help is appreciated I'm really pulling my hair out over here.

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