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    I just bought a new PC, and this weekend I composed my first DVD. I have a powerfull PC, captured all the DVs in mpg format, edited in Pinnacle Studio 8.10 and it looks fine in Studio. But when I render and burn the result to a dvd+r and watch it on my livingroom DVD player, two problems occure:

    1. Sound out of sync. After a few minutes the I come to a couple of clips which I have shortened at the end. The video stops at the right point and goes on to the next scene, but the sound keeps playing the whole scene (like if I hadn't cut it in editing mode). So for the rest of the DVD the sound is 20 second behind...

    2. Video freeze. After about 16 minutes the video freezes, but the sound continues. I tried to delete the scene that froze, and compile a new DVD, but then the scene before froze, and the video was still unable to continue.

    I have tried "everything" now, so please help me. (at least give me some pointers to where I can get information on this).


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    So many people experience problems with the Pinnacle Studio series of apps and I'm nor surprised you've run into problems...

    A good source of info is, although this seems mainly to deal with version 7. The Pinnacle forums are also a good start

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