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Thread: Shooting Good Video - tips from Jim Harring

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    if you are using a smaller type of camcorder (i have the sony HC1 HD cam) and i hold the camcorder in my right hand and steady it with my left hand and gripping the lens hood, it makes for great steady shots, especially if you are walking or transtioning from a low down shot to a shot taken at head height.

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    Personally I think the best tip I can give anyone is to invest in a good microphone. You will immediately see the difference in your results. Assuming you have decent video-editing software, the next most important thing is to learn the three-point lighting technique. Here are my top ten tips, in case they help (feedback appreciated).

    Digital Video and Film

    (you need to scroll down the page a bit to see the tips -- I'll move them higher up on the page as soon as I figure out how)
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    Very useful post, Marc, thanks! "Pan and zoom for a REASON" is a good one for me to remember
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