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    Possibly a stupid question, but i currently have a minidv cam and i am being lent a Sony PDX10 to do a shoot with. the tapes i have at the moment are Sony DVM60 tapes. Can these tapes be used in a PDX10 or will i need a larger physical size of tape?
    like a said possibly a stupid question and im just having a very blonde moment but any help would be cool. cheers

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    If you dont know the answer to a question, it's not stupid.

    A pdx10 uses standard minidv tapes. It records in a format called dvcam so although it uses dv tapes you can only play them back on dvcam equipment.

    Dvcam records the same way as dv but uses the tape a bit faster so the recordings are more rugged but the tape is used about 25% faster (ish).

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    cheers for that

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