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    ive got a sony 105E and when recording in really well lit areas its quality is unbeliveable..amazing!..but move it slightly out the light and it looks like VHS :S..everything i record have to be well lit? guess i gotta attack a lamp to my cam to get good quality constantly? anyone got any tips?

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    You can't expect that your camera will perform well in dark area's, even with camera's which are know for their good low light performance (the vx2100 f.i.) you will always get noise in your image. Especially small handycams are not good lowlight performers.
    I think that every serious "film"maker will advise you to use extra light in all circumstances. It's often even better to use too much light so you have more possibilities in post to correct the image, everything also depends on what you want to achieve, higher end cameras have more manual control which let you tweak almost every aspect of your image when you shoot. With low-end camera's the only option you have is to assure the lighting is good if you don't want to end up with "vhs" like images.

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    ahh..right good starting to understand a lil...isnt they a way to clean up niose on a recording? like blending the colors or somthing? but thanks for advice!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sermstyle View Post
    isnt they a way to clean up niose on a recording?
    Not really and not without making the rest of the image worse. It's the same if your overall image is too dark, because you can't put in detail or color which isn't there anymore. If you expose everything right you can make a dayscene look like night, but not the other way round.

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