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    Default 3d photos

    Hi, someone could explain me or give me some directives on how to do something like this video?

    I'm interested in making the 3d efect to still images


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    After Effects (or similar program) will allow you to do that. Basically, you construct each of the elements in 3d space and fly your camera through them. You can do hoopy things like cutting out someone from a photograph and then place them in a different z-space so the photo looks 'normal' until you move the camera and then you see the 'depth'. You can also play with the camera's depth-of-field so some things are in focus while others aren't. It's labour intensive but the results can be worth it if done well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skribe View Post
    ... looks 'normal' until you move the camera and then you see the 'depth'. .
    Combat this by using the 'Always align to camera' option. Then the object turns to 'face' the camera wherever it is. not always what you want but can help a bunch of the time.

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    To do this effect cut your picture(s) out in Photoshop into layers. Then import into AE as a comp. Open up the comp and change it to the format you want to render out as. Create a new camera, then size and position the layers so that they are layed out with the depth you want. Then using Z position on the camera set the basic movement of the camera you want through the frame. Depending on your camera move, some of your layers may have to be larger than the comp window. In the camera settings, if you boost up the blur level and go with a wider aperature setting (F4 to F1.8 ) you can get a depth of field blur going.

    The water and moving video effects you see in videos like these can be done from stock video or plugins.
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    Much easier said then done Have a look at the tutorial link below, this might give you a startingpoint.

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    Default 3D Photos


    Had a look at the post and read the thread and looked at the tutorial.

    Any idea if its possible to make the 3d photo's or aspects (cut-outs of) face the camera at all times?

    e.g. as the camera is flying through the z axis can i have the flat 2d pictures face the camera wherever it is?

    I cant find a video to show what i mean, but where you have a POI on the camera can you do the same to the photo, thats what i mean.

    Cheers guys, the forum is great by the way and i have learnt more reading the forum than i have doing a distance learning course.


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