I bought this cam second hand online, but I don't think it makes a difference.
The first thing that I noticed about this cam is that it's very spartan and that samsung became very tightfisted when it comes to extra options. So, let's see what this cam has (what I found out).

The cam has an option for total beginners where the camera itself automatically adjusts all options for regular filming. As it might be good to turn on when letting your 5 year old play with it, I personally don't like this option because it shuts down all other options and tweaks. The camera also has a digital picture stabiliser which works very well in my opinion along with a color night shot option. The color night shot option reduces the shutter speed automatically so i prefer to use it since it's a lot faster than doing it manually. Along with what I just said, the cam offers all the standard effects such as sepia, negative, B/W....

The design of the camera is very bulky. Compared to other cameras in its level it has very hard edges which makes it fit better in my palm. However, the case design might fit my hand, but the buttons are set up in such a way that they are not easy to access. For example, the menu button is placed right in between my thumb and index finger on the side of the cam, but it's placed in such a way that I can't reach it with either finger. I have to use my other hand to be able to press the menu button. It's not that important to be able to access the menu during normal filming, but for users that want to adjust the settings on the go it is very important. The viewfinder is another thing I have problems with. it is too small and very hard to focus, at least hard for me. The LCD display is a bit fragile. It feels like any sudden jolt might knock it off, but that's just a feeling. Really, it's very flexible and easy to handle.

I read some posts about the cam on other forums where people were complaining that they can't connect the camera to their PC, but I had no problems with that. The camera has aniLink port, but it doesn't come with the cable or software. To connect it to the PC all I did was buy the cable, connect the camera and the PC, turned the camera to "player" mode and it recognised it right away. I have aGericom Hummer laptop with WinXP on service pack 2... fully updated. Along with the cable, I also bought Ulead Video Studio 10 which also recognised the cam. Capturing video is very easy and I have no regrets after buying the camera.

I hope this review will be helpful.