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Thread: New short film -- PRODUKTIONSMITTEL (IM ROT)

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    Default New short film -- PRODUKTIONSMITTEL (IM ROT)

    A new short film from Azimuth Films:


    Soundtrack is a haunting and minimalist tune by Schoenswetter,'Stahl2' (2006) from Salzburg.

    You can see it at:

    Or on my MySpace:


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    At the risk of making an enemy for life...

    It's technically very good, the effects, music and images all fit together. It slots nicely into the "art" genre but... There's no "wow" factor.
    Nothing in the video makes you stop and think, it fails to grab your attention. There's a lack of anything new or a "I haven't seen that before" moment.


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    hi - not an enemy at all!

    I put these links up for people to comment on my work - and i appreciate all comments - seriously.

    i was trying portray the music's industrial (the means of production) rhythm, by equally repetitive video sequences.

    (god i sound pretentious!)

    nothing more than that really

    thanks though.

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