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    Hey, I'm Tom - I've been into photography for 2/3 years and I've decided to take it up a step and get a video camera.

    I got the Hitachi 750E:

    Basically - I can use R disks or RAM discs. I don't know much about RAM disks but would like to. Are they like RW disks? Also, what's the difference between + and - DVD's? I know I need -.

    Finally - Is there software that can edit DVD? Like Windows Movie Maker edits mpegs.

    I don't know if I have been clear... I hope so.


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    OUCH! - ok dude here's the bad news! These DVD cameras are about as useful as a brick covered in golden syrup. The problem comes when you try and get the footage off the camera and into an edit program. The formats used have not been standardised. While most of them record to MPEG2 this is not a good format to record master material to. MPEG2 is a highly compressed format that does not hold up well to re-encoding. These cameras are aimed at the family market where the preverbial grandfather will record little timmy playing in the garden then hook the camera up to TV for the family to watch.

    If you want to seriously look into doing video MiniDV or DVCam cameras are the way to go.

    Sorry to break this to you but its true.

    When it comes to editing. You dont edit DVD. You just edit footage. You capture footage onto your system then edit it with what ever editing package you choose to use like Movie Maker/premier/vegas then once edited you encode it to MPEG2 ready for DVD authoring. THEN you author a DVD in an authoring application such as Encore or Architect.

    Sorry if I'm blunt but there are the basics for you in a few sentences!

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    No no - that was a great reply. =P

    That's kind've what I meant. What software can I used to edit my footage?? Because it will be in a DVD format wont it?? Does WMM take that format?

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