I'd like to make a little viral video - is there anyone out there who'd fancy having a go?

It's for my Caravan Channel TV show and website; I'd like it to run for ten or twenty seconds, show Jeremy Clarkson (or a reasonable facsimile) waiting at the kerb, crossing the road, and being mowed down by a motorhome, large! A few blood splats on the lens would be groovy. There's a little text to go with it. I can probably arrange to shoot anything specific you need - backgrounds, etc.

I don't have any money, but it'll do the rounds online. It'll also be shown on the caravan channel TV show on Sky 181, pretty frequently, and the maker will get an onscreen credit. If I get a useable final clip, I'll buy you a bottle of something inebriating, too.

PM me or answer here if you're interested!