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Thread: Can you help with Video Capture Card advice?

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    Default Can you help with Video Capture Card advice?

    Hi all

    I would really appreciate your advice as a newbie to this forum.

    I'm spec'ing out a new PC and one of the objectives is to crack on with some video editing and converting numerous Hi8 tapes to DVD. The PC will have an Intel Core 2 Duo E6600, 2GB Ram, 250GB of space etc. and so on.

    I also have a Sony EVC2000E Hi8 Editing player that I want to connect to the PC, that will enable me to capture the video for editing and burning to DVD. WHat I need your help with is recommending a good quality video capture card. I'm not fussed about using the PC for TV tuning but it will be used for light gaming.

    I've got a All-In-Wonder 128 card in my current old PC but that's six years old. All I really need is the video capture facility.

    I'm flogging my Hi8 camera (TR913E) and will get a digital camcorder at some stage. My main priority is to port my Hi8 priceless home video onto DVD before they all crumble.

    Any advice on a graphics card would be very gratefully received.

    Thanks in advance

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    This is generally well regarded for around 150,

    Personally, I rarely digitise stuff so when i need to I do it a cheapskate way - I just play the footage into my 70 quid el cheepo but does the job dvd recorder then transfer the stuff to my pc via the dvd for editing.

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    Hey Mark

    Thanks for the reply and suggestion from left field. With this I can get the video card I want and just use this for editing - top job.

    Huge thanks

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