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Thread: VHS to computer to edit to DVD?

  1. Default VHS to computer to edit to DVD?

    I thought that moving the film (if that is the correct term) from VHS tapes to DVDs and then editing it would be simple even though I have never done it before but I was wrong.
    I started by connecting a VHS player to a DVD recorder and played the VHS taped while they recorder to a DVD. No problem, because they played on a TV when I tried them out. The problems started when I attempted to move the files that I had capture on the DVDs onto my computer to edit and it was then that I discovered the complexities of VOB, AVI and MPEG files.
    After looking at various forums I discovered that there is software that will convert the VOB files to AVI and MPEG but there were as many threads that were critical of that method as there were supporting it.
    Then I was given a box with "Xpert DVD Maker USB 2.0 written on it. This cost about 30.00 and it came with instructions that promised that all I had to do was to connect it to my VHS player and computer through a scart lead and a USB and all would be well but I could not get it to transfer the VHS content to my computer.
    I then read in a forum that the USB methods is not as good as a fire wire connection. A friend told me that he uses a Canopus ADVC110 (analogue to digital video converter) into the Fire wire but that costs 200.00 more or less.
    I then read that I should use the computer video capture card but I am such a novice that I don't know if I even have one.
    So, with that rambling description does anyone have a suggestion as to what method I should use to capture my VHS tapes to my computer?

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    I prefer to use the Analgue-to-digital box route. However this is the cheapest method in the short term so if it's a one-off project it may be cheaper to borrow one and pay someone to do it for you.

    And there are cheap wasy of converting the DVD VOB files to an editable format. I beleive it covered in the FAQ on this site.

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    Many of the threads that I have read on this matter say that it is better to use a direct connection between the VHS player and computer and just to show how much of a novive I am I have just found that there is a "Video in" socket at the back of my Mesh computer which has a mauve cable leading to a mauve four pin socket marked 1. Red coloured R Audio out. 2. White colourerd L Audio out. 3. Yello colourered Comp Video out. 4. Black colourered S-Video out.
    I connected these to a scart adaptor which is pluged into the VHS player but now I wonder what I need to do next to get what ever the VHS player is playing onto the computer desktop?

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