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Thread: Text/Text Animation Flashes/ Layers. HELP!

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    Angry Text/Text Animation Flashes/ Layers. HELP!

    Hello everyone,
    I first would like to appreciate the people who made this site because it has helped me lots. I have just started editing my video and I still cant figure out how to do a few things.

    The following is an example of what im trying to do with text and INGAME text:

    Also: Im having trouble figuring out how he makes two layers and changes the opacity of one of them so it looks really cool.
    He uses Wowmodelviewer to get the animations by the way.

    I would really appreciate all of your help and im looking forward to your ideas 24/7 on my comp. Any ideas/thoughts will help. Thanks in advance.

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    For some reason the videos wont work for me but with reagrds to the effect you speak about changing the opacity of the layers theres a few ways you can do this. If for example you have 2 clips of video and you wanted one to be slightly transparent so that it would reveal the other clip, all you would do is put each video clip on its own track making sure the image you want to have the transparent effect is on the upper track and then you would simply ajust the 'level' bar on the far right to the track in question from 100% until you get the desired affect. You could also just drag the top of your video clip and drag it down and this will lower the opague value of the video also. Remember to fade the upper track in (drag from the left of the video clip towards the right) if you want to achieve a subtle and smooth transition to the transparent effect, unless you have some other creative delivery in mind.

    Hope this helps, happy editing!!!

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