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Thread: Mics - Yes they matter - demonstration

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    grr,link not working.

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    If anyone is looking for lavalier microhone recommendations. I swear by mine...

    The Sennheiser MKE 2-4-3. It produces life like voice. It has never let me down.

    I highly recommend it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark W View Post
    A few of my own observations...

    I thought the expensive sony the best.
    I was suprised at how poor the Rode sounded, very muffled with some hum.
    The PC4 mic was truly awfull and the voice was ruined by it's autolevel function.
    The on camera VX9000 mic sounded worse than I expected, I think the first 2 words may have been clipped slightly.
    The lapel mic remdered my voice very well but is clearly totally omnidirectional as it got most room noise.

    BTW the expert I read was from a book called 'the five c's of cinematography' by joseph V. Mascelli - isbn 1-879505-41-x I highly reccomend this book.

    I am amazed that anybody doesn't actually return their Rode mics for breach of contract

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    well, mics are important but not super important, place and acoustics play much greater role. It is pointless if you buy a mic with a threshold of 25db and pay huge money when your average recordings take place under real life 37-45 db noise. I was using some very costly mics and some very cheap and on certain price point, the quality is so good while the cost is low. I stopped buying mics over $400. For 95% of field work I use cheap Samson mics (both wired and wireless). I use them for soon 10 years and they are working horses and surviver. They didn't let me down a single time. The wireless battery life is phenomenal, even in very cold weather. The selectivity is great, made of super strong alloys. Once my Q7 took place of jazz star's 8 times more expensive mic after it was dropped into pod during filming, and she loved it so much that I left it for her.
    Mics are low tech. They do not require rocket science and once well designed can serve for decades, so there's no reason for them to be really expensive.
    make sure that you KNOW what you are going for, so you pick correct mice for a job, as no mic can do everything. But when it comes to a particular type of mike, let say small capsule, the difference between well made mics isn't that great. In most cases people who don't have good monitors could even hear the difference (leave alone, everybody else).
    I care about WHAT I record much more than of the mic brand. Look on the old jazz record studios. One mic and twenty people are playing around it. Listen to the records, how amazing they sound even after 50 years. Listen to today's average record, all done track by track, clean and dead, nothing to listen to. And the best mics do not help them either.
    In short, good mike doesn't help to bad sound. Average mic doesn't impede great sound.

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    The thing is if a Rode mic is good then why are they never and I mean never used for proper pro work. Why don't VMI or Lightning Media hire them out? Because Rodes are a very cheep brand that make very cheep mics. The standard is a 416 which is absolutely not a Rode. If you're doing amature work or doing freelance without any real crew then if you like a Rode then use it. However pretending that a Rode mic is good enough for full on broadcast (BBC C4 etc.) is an untruth at best. Using a Rode on a broadcast shoot is like turning up in a nissan micra for formular 1. Sure the micra will go round the track, doesn't make it a formular 1 car though. Still think a Rode is good? then check out the equipment lists of the sound recordists on Production Base. No Rodes, only pros.

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    Well I have just had a word with the sound recordist from our parent company filming in Italy He has 20 years experience of TV film and theatre work, (C4, BBC, Mediaset, RAI plus films shown at the Venice Biannle. He has done everything from the news to wife swap, worked with everyone from Prince Charles to Kevin Mc Cloud) and he says that Rodes are what students and wanabees use. I guess you don't have those kind of credits so I believe him. Sorry but Rode are just not very good maybe with a bit more experience with TV and film you will see that too.

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    mmmmm. So back to my point Rodes are totally rubbish, you and our sound guy ( filming in Italy) have 40yrs+ between you and neither of you have one. mmmmmmm Rodes are rubbish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trentsteel View Post
    This may sound like an odd question, but how do you get these sounds onto your computer? How do you turn analog into digital? I'm asking because apparently the only option we've been able to come up with involves some several hundred-thousand dollar multi adapter and I keep thinking there must be some better way.

    We tried plugging a mic into our digital camera but the engine of the camera almost drowned out any sound we did capture with it.
    If at all possible try to avoid having a mic that is attached to, and sitting on a camera. Having a separate sound recorder is preferable to recording to camera, but if recording to the camera is the only option, then at least try to get the mic off the camera and on a boom pole or stand. With stand alone digital recorders it is very easy to get the audio off them and into a computer, usually via usb and simply copy/paste. However, you need to make sure the audio is sync'ed to the video somehow.

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    A Sennheiser SKP transmitting block is really good at this. No nedd to sync.

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    Get the mic off the camera was a well-worn cry in the days of film and more recently tape transport which was picked up and there's nowt you can do about it later.
    With off camera a good sound-man can get in close (whilst remaining out of shot). Certainly a radio-mic has no sync issue but only prosumer cameras have mic-input and I saw some reviews of the Sony VG10/20 that showed their audio-handling wasn't exactly friendly.

    If you can't use camera mic-input....then maybe a hand-held Zoom-recorder - the more expensive versions having XLR i/p so you can use pro gear - the SD card just goes into yr PC - job done.

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