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Thread: Crap PC sound card mic input.

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    Default Crap PC sound card mic input.

    I dont often have the need to record sound direct into vegas but I tried it today. I kept thinking my mic sounded crap / noisy and it shouldnt as it is a pro short shot gun.

    Turns out the mic in on the m board is a joke - listen to this, first into the pc and then captured via the camera after recording onto tape.

    The PC makes my lovely mic sound crap.

    My question is what level of card do I need to get a mic input as good as my sony VX9000e mic input (and that probably isnt that good).

    Also, I cant find an input level slider in vegas to adjust when recording - I think this could be daft question of the week....

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    If you can wait i no that solid state logic is relising one ( I dunno if im ment to say that) but i expect you will have to pay a few grand for it. Serously though-GO to turnkey and look there Hope it helps.

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