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Thread: Newbie here - Video Capture Card Advice please

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    Default Newbie here - Video Capture Card Advice please

    Hi all

    I would really appreciate your advice as a newbie to this forum.

    I'm spec'ing out a new PC and one of the objectives is to crack on with some video editing and converting numerous Hi8 tapes to DVD. The PC will have an Intel Core 2 Duo E6600, 2GB Ram, 250GB of space etc. and so on.

    I also have a Sony EVC2000E Hi8 Editing player that I want to connect to the PC, that will enable me to capture the video for editing and burning to DVD. WHat I need your help with is recommending a good quality video capture card. I'm not fussed about using the PC for TV tuning but it will be used for light gaming.

    I've got a All-In-Wonder 128 card in my current old PC but that's six years old. All I really need is the video capture facility.

    I'm flogging my Hi8 camera (TR913E) and will get a digital camcorder at some stage. My main priority is to port my Hi8 priceless home video onto DVD before they all crumble.

    Any advice on a graphics card would be very gratefully received.

    Thanks in advance

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    You are mixing 2 things, the capture and the graphics card, for capture a simple cheap firewire card will do the trick to get your footage from your camera to your pc.
    Don't spend to much money on the graphics card, just assure it has 256mb memory, with Vista on it's way you will need that, for video it doens't have to be a heavy duty card, if you do some occasional gaming I suggest the nvidia geforce 7600 or 7800 series or at least an Ati X1650 or higher.

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