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Thread: A bodyboarding video

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    Default A bodyboarding video

    I edited this short clip of some bodyboarding myself and my friends did, shot in the UK and Ireland.

    It's an Mpeg file, less than 10 MB.
    Any comments appreciated.

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    I liked the use of the cutaways, and the opening tittles are impressive. But I wasn't keen on the titles poping up for milliseconds - they draw your attention away from the video an you certainly can't make out what they are.

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    Default short titles

    yes, other people have said that about the titles, I thought they went better with the symbol sounds on the music, I don't think I noticed when I put it together because I know who they all are.
    I'll change them somehow, maybe a fade in then a flash of colour/light over them when the drum hits and a fade out.

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    fAuLk Guest


    nice video, the intro was really good

    what program were/are you using?

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    Default software used

    A student in Aber'? I'm studying in Swansea Uni' at the moment.
    for the intro I used Flash MX for the text animation (export as avi) and then After Effects 5 for the keying out etc. Then I used Pinnacle Studio 7, (which I will upgrade to premiere as soon as i get some cash) for putting all the basic clips together.

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    Default Bodyboarding rules!!!

    Cool video I d like to learn how do those quick shots done to the beat of the music, could you please tell me how to do that?

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    Default editing to the music

    Well, it's quite easy if you're using Premiere or probably any quite good editing software,
    In premiere import your music file first, then use the "+" key, or the zoom-view slider to zoom in on the timeline, then expand your audio layer using the little down arrow on the left hand side of the timeline, then you'll see the wave-form of the audio, so it'll be easy to see where the beats of the music happen.
    Then move along the timeline until you get to the right beat and right-click and select "set clip marker" or something like that and it will put a little marker where you need to edit the video to. You can do the same to put clip markers on the video, then drag the clip by the marker until it snaps onto the same place as the audio marker.

    For the clip linked-to above I just zoomed the timeline a lot and used trial and error to get the positioning right because I was using Pinnacle 7.

    There's another thread about this in the Premiere part of the forum but I couldn't find it when I looked just now, I think it just says what I did though. good luck
    Panasonic SD9, Panasonic NVGS-75, Canon MV600i

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    Default Thanks so much...bgarthp...

    Right on thanks for taking the time and letting me know what to do, I am using Premiere 6 I think, I am not really too sure. I gots to see more of your bodyboarding vids.


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