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Thread: unable to capture from VCR

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    Default unable to capture from VCR

    I have just purchased Dazzle fusion/Studio 8 quick start and find that I cannot capture from the VCR to the computer. I've connected the relevant red and white audio cables and the yellow video cable to the scart adaptor but unfortunately no picture. If I connect the red and white directly to the audio out sockets I can capture the sound. but that's my lot. I'm sure it is looking me in the face but I just cannot see it!!!!

    I can however capture perfectly Ok using my old sony analogue camcorder.

    Any help would be very much appreciated
    my computer is

    Windows Xp
    Emachine 2.0GH
    80GB hard drive
    256 ram
    Reg G

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    Just a wild guess here, but I take it you are using a fully pinned SCART cable as opposed to one of those that only allow one way traffic.

    Also, if you are using a switchable SCART cable it would be worth checking the setting ont he switch.

    Hope that helps!

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    Many thanks for your input, strangely enough I found the answer only yesterday , and it was the Scart plug. I wasn't aware that you could get an IN/OUT plug.

    All is now going great.

    Once again many thanks for your input

    Reg G
    Reg G

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