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Thread: How good is the W-VHS analog format

  1. Default How good is the W-VHS analog format

    I read their runtime is higher but I would also like to know other aspects. For example I heard they can record in 480i and 1080i resolutions... does that mean W-VHS can equal or even surpass DVD quality? In terms of price I would image DVD is the way to go but I just bought a AG-1980 to transfer all my tapes without jitter and I noticed it can record in W-VHS so is that better then record directly on my PC with a card like PCTV for example?

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    Since it's highly unlikely that you originally recorded your footage using this medium, no it won't benefit you at all.

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    " W-VHS is a high definition analog video tape format created by JVC. The format was introduced in 1994 and is no longer supported; the tapes are no longer manufactured and no players are currently produced for this format."


    I cant see why you would do this - keep everything in the digital domain. What camera do you use? If it's sd transferring to the w-vhs will degrade it as it converts to analog, if your camera is HDV, same applies and why would you when both formats can be stored on cheaper than tape min for min hard drives or optical discs.

    I dont get it?

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