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Thread: MGS4 Trailer Remix by Marshmallow Productions

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    Default MGS4 Trailer Remix by Marshmallow Productions

    It's me, afroman of the Marshmallow Productions team (to be named Proton Productions)

    Here's my video I finally uploaded after my problems with Sony Vegas...

    PS: Videos supplied by, music is Linkin Park - Crawling

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    I'm definitely one for the remix kind of video, so props for the idea.
    couple o things:
    kind of slow, especially with your choice of music, crawling has the mood right, but it's loud and pumped with adrenaline. The tone of the video that I got was sad, maybe kind of hopeless, but it seems like the music would be the main thing that drives the video, since you muted all the audio from the trailers.

    Also, maybe a little tighter on the editing wouldn't hurt, try and match your cuts to the changes in the beat of the song, like when they change from a verse to a chorus. I've found it seems to give a little bit more purpose and organization to the vid.

    Otherwise, i liked the idea, And i definatley can't wait for 4 to come out.
    Everybody Pays

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    OK you have a very powerful song there and some good footage. The footage is very good actually. Normally i hate this kind of thing but the footage of this and the tune you chose have great potential but it doesn't cut the mustard.

    Firstly the intor is tooo slow. You need to shorten the shots inbetween the textual graphic credits. You're trying to create suspence but its lost because the shots ae all dragged out a little too long.

    The whole suicide shot feels a little wasted. I was expecting the whole video to be but to that first tune. The shot does not really add too the peice and would probably work better with out it. Or if you must use it you could put it at the end of the video using the same track you used throughout.

    As Fultron sugested. Your edits need to be tighter and more in pace with the music. The Music has a definitive pace to it. Its a big brutish tune and when the chorus breaks the video needs to follow suit and change scenes with it. There is a section where there is a charachetre that loooks like a girl and the camera is panning slightly around her as the chorus breaks. It feels wasted.

    I dont know what the sound is like from the original footage but it would be nice to hear it underneath the music. This would give it more drama and would help the slower shots with the charachters talking. It did not look like that colonel guy was singing at all. It looked like he wwas talking. There was no similarity between lip syncing and the music. It would be nice to hear him speaking with maybe a bit of reverb over it if the original piece of sound wll support that idea.

    Lastly the whole thing could be shorter. If you made it 3 minutes you could make the whole thing punchier and add more pace and drama to it by doing so.

    Normally i dont like these kinds of videos as there have been hundreds done in the past. Poor Fultron has suffered the general forum concensus on this point but this one has potential to be very good indeed. If i were you i'd have a go at tightening the whole thing up.

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    I completely aggree, I did discover that afterwards, the clips were too long, not too much speech, and the part at the start was too long as well.

    But i am making a second one, which has all these suggestions taken into accunt. Its basically a trailer i made and it has a mini trailer at the start too.

    I am struggling to find music though, i find crawling perfectly suited to the theme, so ill stick to rock (dont worry, i wont go as far as metal )

    anyway, thanks for the feedback, and ill get to the second one. Peace.

    P.S: The scene when snake is being chased through the building by the metal gear (just after colonel campbeell spoke) the music did go with it, just as the chorus begins, the scene starts, but i must have aput a clip in that pused it back...

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