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Thread: I will need a clapper board

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    To my understanding if you thought the "visual" and "audio" of a film where all on one tape your wrong. They are seperate.
    So as I don't have a mic socket I thought this will be an amazing idea, but not all my idea works.

    I get a little Digital Audio Recorder. Now instead of lining the words up with the mouth. I line the "clap" of the clapper board up with when the clapper board leaver goes down and hits the board? Right?

    Because I was thinking as I have no mic socket for my camera maybe a Digital Audio Recorder thing, but how would I line it up, reading around I need a clapper board?

    The Equiptment

    The Software:

    Well i'm using Windows Movie Maker, thats a problem as I will mute the audio from the camcorder add the audio from the dictator and then I can't add anything for music. So any ideas on that please.

    Generally if you see that something wont work please tell me thanks. I plan to Get the voice recorder > plug mic in it > put on video > syncronise with clapper board.


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    this technique really requires to be able to skip frame to frame, And unfortunately WMM does not have this, Although software such as Adobe premier pro and Sony vegas do. These also have "multi track" Editing systems meaning that you can have many layers of audio for one video track. Now this doesn't mean to say that editing in WMM is impossible, Just an awful lot harder getting the exact frame. But to by pass the audio problem, Add your external audio onto your sound track, Export then add back in and it could well sort your problem out, But i haven't tested this its just a in theory thing.

    Now onto clapper boards-Who said it needs to be a clapper board? Even some one stamping their foot,clapping their hands or when i last did multi camera it was opening their mouths, All these can be used to sync audio and video so why waste 30 on a clapper board when resources are already in your video?

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    If I someone clapped, then we would have to see his hands clapping to synch? I'm not too sure on VEGAS it looks too hard I downloaded the trial
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    I would look at Theese

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    To match a soundtrack to a mixed audio/visual track you need to be able to see both soundtracks down to 1 frame, really. And see a reasonably good size soundwave. A 'clap' sound might well do at at less than one frame, but... The clap can be from a clapperboard or just hands, or any short sharp sound. WMM just doesn't have enough magnification. I suppose you could open both the video file and the sound file in a sound software like Soundforge (or maybe the free one Goldwave?) and sync them there.

    A clapperboard is really useful where you have scenes shot on more than one camera, so you know instantly which scene you are comparing. It's the info on a clapperboard, as well as the noise, that you need it for.

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    I think perhaps it's worth taking a step back here. Why are you attempting to complicate your workflow by recording the sound seperately to the audio? What is your audience here? I ask this as you say you're using Windows Movie Maker, which doesn't suggest to me that this is a high end production (no offence intended here).

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    It looks like he has no mic input to his camera Marc.

    I have a 'proper' clapper and I find it most usefull for keeping track of shots - it has a place for velcro numbers / letters that are stored on the back.

    Clapping is also not as good as a clapper for synch purposes in my expirience.

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