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    Hey gang...I'm new to this forum. I've recently posted my how to video on green screen, chroma key stuff on I'll post the link at the bottom in case you want to look at it. I'm still pretty new to Vegas and I remember what I went through trying to learn the basics...All the tutorials assumed I had a certain level of knowledge. I think I've mastered the basics and, as a dummy myself, I can share that information in a video format. Let me know what you'd like to see and I'll do my best to make a video tutorial on how to do it.

    Like I mentioned I did a green screen how to for Vegas...enjoy.


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    Brilliant! - Great work. More power to your elbow Mattie.

    Might I make 2 suggestions? And yes you did head this up as a Basic tutorial.

    #1 - What I would add too is the "option" to use the eye-dropper/colour-matcher. With this you can "drag" over the "green" to obtain a range of greens. This has the effect of making your initial , well, range of greens more tailored to the actual green and this could make the handle of the the Skull disappear more than at present. Also, having a more accurate green range, the high and low levels adjustments will be even more effective.

    #2 - The other thing to remember, it HAS caught me out in the past, is to ensure that the keyframe SYNC lock disengaged. Otherwise the chroma "could" vary over the duration of the event.

    And yes, you did say basic, so please take my comments as more of a "nudge" than a crit - yeah?

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