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Thread: 3 DVD clips > onto 1 DVD > how do i do this?

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    Default 3 DVD clips > onto 1 DVD > how do i do this?

    Hi guys,

    I'm having a little trouble, i'm completely new to all this and know very little about DVD editing / making etc ..

    I've been given a task from work, i've been given three DVDs and need to compile them onto one DVD for playback on a TV/DVD player.

    Each DVD contains various folders such as VIDEO_RM, VIDEO_TS one contains an empty folder called AUDIO_TS

    Each clips is an 6-8 minute presentation.

    One person suggested copying the content of all DVDs into one folder and using NERO to burn them and that should work! but i see a few problems with this. How can i copy all the files into one folder when they all have the same names? i'm guessing they need to keep these naming conventions to play on a DVD player.

    Any suggestions on how to get these clips onto one disk so they'll play in any DVD player?

    Cheers - Dave.

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    Hi Dave,

    It aint as simple as this I'm afraid. If you did this the DVD player wouldn't recognise the individual movies.
    A dvd needs to be authored. Authoring is basically a process that gives the dvd a menu which allows you to navigate to the diffrent movies. However getting the movies off your original DVD's is another matter.

    You will need to digitize/capture the dvd's on to your PC, then re-encode them as MPEG2 then author those as a new dvd projectr and finally burn the new disc. The biggest problem with this is that re-encoding them will probably result in a loss of quality along the line.

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    Hey thanks for the reply.

    So it seems the process is as follow, be it a little incorrect maybe...

    I take the DVDs one by one and copy them onto my computer

    I then use a program to convert them to mpeg2

    take them into a video editing program and edit them as i wish.

    At this point do i resave them (is this encoding?) as a single mpeg2 file?

    But this is where i get confused, what do i do with the mpeg2 file? All DVDs have TS_folders and VOB files (not sure what these mean) even the three i'm trying to compile, none of them have mpeg2 files in the folders, so why mpeg2? Can i not save it into the format as they were before?

    I understand (think) that i need to convert to mpeg2 to edit them, but surely this will decrease the quality?

    questions, questions.

    Cheers - Dave.

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    I wrote a more detailed but still a basic guide here:

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    Or you can use DVD shrink to combine multiple DVDs into one.

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