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Thread: Has the ebay bubble burst?

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    Default Has the ebay bubble burst?

    Having had a few days off work I decided to see if I could upgrade some of my gear courtesy of ebay. Having bid for quite a few items without a result I've noticed:

    1. Nearly all the items went for a price well above their secondhand value, in fact they were all available cheaper in various classified ads.

    2. A lot of secondhand items went for 80-90% of their new price. (online discount stores)

    3. A lot of "as new" or "unused" items actually went for MORE than their new price! (online discount stores)

    Could it be that the "fun" of bidding and the idea that you "win" an item, makes people pay more than they should?

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    Absolutely. Bargains are few and far between these days. I once bid on a bonnet cable for my Range Rover and the end price was almost double the full retail price from the dealership. Bidding wars start and people really don't know when to stop.

    What I find amazing too is the proliferation of scams going on. Duplicate listings, stolen identities, "please email me at xxx because my ebay box is full" messages... 'bought' feedback, sniper bidding.... I don't trust anyone there now.

    It has become a sad victim of it's own success.

    Worst of all.... it's policed appallingly.... more than a few times I've alerted ebay to obvious scams and I've had the automated replies but screw all else appears to happen.

    In short, I am extremely careful what I buy and do alot of research elsewhere before bidding on anything.

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    I agree, it amuses me to see the daft prices up there sometimes. The other day a pdx10, yes a nice camera, but it went for over 900 quid. That is just silly when you can but a consumer hi def hc1 for the same or less or the full on pro hi def model for 1400 ish.

    I have had some good things of e bay but usually odd things or random bargains. Its good for weird things but for many 'normal' purchases it really is buyer beware.

    Last few things i have purchased are 100 dvd boxes, arrived next day and well cheap; a really full on guillotine for cutting paper, much better than anyithng in our local office shop, arrvied next day and works fine; and 3 old film cameras just cos they looked cute, 5 quid each arrived no problem.

    However - DV cameras do just seem to go for silly money often.

    They really should police it better - all those annoying duplicates from fast operators just clog up the listings and make using it a pain. Ditto complaints too - all i ever get is automated bullshit even when the offence is clear.

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