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    My first real question regarding editting wedding videos: What sort of things are put together to give to the client? I am assuming the DVD should contain a Full Ceremony version of the wedding, but should it also include a Montage? A short highlight version? A 3-4 minute condensed version for showing to friends who you don't want to bore to tears with a full version? Should the reception be a condensed highlight version as well? Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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    It really depends on what the client wants. Two or three camaras are a must though and a steady cam comes in handy. As a general rule I don't post my wedding videos but some sites have samples.

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    Well, in this case the clients have left it up to me, but I'd like to get an idea of what is standard out there, as I am still a newbie.

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    There is no "standard".

    Some of the guys do a "best of" compilation video, others a music-vid. On the rare (but lucrative) occasions I "do" a wedding I go for a traditional "songs of praise" look with a few interviews and behind-the-scenes footage tacked in front and behind the service.

    It's what you find you're the most comfortable with. The golden rule is to make the wedding video you would like to see. Don't try to guess what the couple will want unless they specifically tell you. Once you've found a style, you'll find that others will like your type of video and will book you. If you think "I don't like it, but the client might"... it will go wrong.

    In your case I think you'll have to see what footage you can rescue and make something out of that, rather than think of a style and then trying to make your footage fit it.

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