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    I've made a couple of movies so far but the Opening sequence isn't very good and generally i'm looking for a very good free video software I've been doing it with Windows Movie Maker but it's becoming simple now. Well I say free, I suppose there aren't many out there. Suggest and I will pick it
    I could do pretty cool things on WMM then again it will only be text color and a transition. Not only opening title sequence possible edit the whole film in another software aswell what I liked about WMM and still want in the other software

    When you switch the camera on and off the next time you record it makes it in scenes so you don't have one long 2 hour tape you fiddle though.

    Set volume of sound

    Add Music


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    Have a look at this page.

    Lots of stuff to try for free and it'll help you make a decision on what to buy. You're right in as much as if you want quality toys to play with, you'll have to pay.

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