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Thread: Jumpy video on playback

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    Default Jumpy video on playback

    My father has a Canon digital camera which takes video at 30 fps. He is keen on filming steam trains as well as taking stills and has Ulead's CD & DVD Picture Show 4 to edit both video and stills onto DVD for playback in a DVD player.

    The problem he has is that playback of the video is 'jumpy' and after talking to Ulead and various other sources, he defrag-ed his PC hard drive & upgraded his RAM to 1GB - the processor he has is 2.66GHz. However, the problem is still occurring and to add to the problem, it takes several hours to burn a 3GB program onto a DVD.

    I am keen to find out what is causing this issue and wondered if the following could be an influence:
    a. PAL (25 fps) vs NTSC (30 fps)
    b. MPEG encoder
    c. Bit-rate transfer

    My father downloads his images and video to his PC straight from the camera and then imports them into the Ulead program as and when they are needed. So I am also wondering if they need to be encoded properly first etc.

    I would be grateful for any help on this matter.

    Thank you.

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    Hi Davidoff,

    Did you ever receive any response from your posting? I am experiencing a similar problem and don't have any idea what to do?

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    You should keep the framerate the same as the source, which is 30fps.

    Also, if the camera records interlace, check your field orders. Your editor needs to correctly work out if the field order is top field or bottom field first. Get these wrong and the output will be very jerky.
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    Can you provide model number of the Canon camcorder?

    Sounds like you/father are using ULead and I am very familiar with ULead if the ULead product is Video Studio.

    Please provide a bit more information and I am confident help and a solution will be found and offered by the many wonderful people at this forum.

    I don't think it is a PC comoponent issue. I have captured hundreds of hours of both analog and miniDV digital video and successfully edited it and created dvds using a six year old PC with only 768meg RAM and by today's standards very old and slow P4 1.5BGig processor chip and I used a very old version of ULead which was version 6 though I also now have used version 9 and 10Plus.

    So give us more info and let's make your Dad happy!
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