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    Hello, how are you guys?

    I'm producing a short movie for a school project. I would like to add an intro voice like the ones we ear in the movies. I have a wav file with my voice in Sound forge, how can i transform it to be more realistic?

    I also seen some tutorials about changing voice like evil smile and telephone effect... but nothing i'm looking for.

    if you can help me i would be very apreciatted!


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    The best way is to record it correctly in the first place. Make sure you're in a quiet room with no traffic sounds or echo. Get a decent microphone (if it's for school you might be able to borrow one from a local music store) and keep rehearsing and recording until you get it right.

    There's an excellent article from Mark Robinson, one of our members who really knows what he's doing:

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    Hi Artur

    If you record directly into the computer there's a good chance you'll get the background noise of the computer as well. If you have somewhere else and something else you can record onto, as the Guru says, quiet and without echo, it will be better. I record onto my camcorder, for want of anything else. Advice I was given for reducing echo was 'talk into a curtain' so I do - in the bedroom, sat on the quilt facing the window, curtains closed. I use a separate directional mike, not the cams onboard, and keep it slightly to one side of my mouth, so I'm not breathing into it.

    That article says most of it, but I also attended a voice over workshop and the actress who gave it, said to do warm up exercises, both arm and shoulder movements and saying tongue twisters.

    Soundforge has ways of adding echo and reverb, for different effects, experiment. If you do have any electronic hiss or motor noise, Audition and the free one Goldwave have noise reduction filters, but you need to try to have as little hiss as possible, as the filters do affect the voice quality slightly.

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    Top advice- and the tut is ace.

    My muso friend has a top soloution for the noise / reverb problem. He got this big cardboard box and lined it with foam, head and mic in box - quiet and zero room sound, if a bit claustraphobic and silly looking.

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    Also if your looking for the deep voice, Try morth vox pro, Its really good for getting deep voices.

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