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    The link is to a site aimed at east-europeans in the UK. (Mainly Romanian and Bulgarian) and is very new and... er...How can I put this politely?... Tacky, incomprehensible and cheap. It's interesting in a car-wreck sort of way but I'm not sure if it's particularly interesting in a video-editing way. As for the short video which warns "contains nudity"... well, there are micro-second glimpses of a woman who might be nude... under the blanket.

    In future it would be polite to tell us a bit more about what you're linking to... Just to save a wasted journey.

    Edit: Sorry... I was wrong! there is a gem hiding behind the tacky exterior. and watch the light-bulb film...
    Absolutely Brilliant.
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    I am a bit late, but Thank you

    I have to update the page , the Utube link is not working anymore

    try this link Politia Moldova Becul
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