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Thread: WMV video wont play

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    Default WMV video wont play

    I have a video I downloaded a while ago, and for some odd reason, it no longer plays. I -believe- it's a .wmv file, but when I try to open it in WMP, it says, "The file you are attempting to play has an extension that does not match the file format," and asks if I want to play it anyways, if I hit yes, WMP will crash. So I tried to change the extension to .avi and .mpg with no luck. I can't open the file in any type of video editor and other wmv's work just fine. Any ideas?

    UPDATE: I downloaded a large codec pack and the video will now play in windos media player -classic- but stops after about 2.5 minutes (It's a 12 minute clip). It still doesn't work in wmp9

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    Sounds like a corrupt file - have you tried dloading again? Also VLC is a clever free player that requires no extra codecs and will have a dam good try at playing just about anything - it might play your file where other players fail.

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