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    Hello there, havent been here for awhile. So hey all!

    I was just wondering if there is anyway to rewind in Vegas 7 at all? So everything is going backwards?

    Many Thanks for your time.

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    #1 - Right Click on Event > Select Reverse.

    #2 - Insert a velocity envelope and set any point to LESS than 0 zero, meaning any -ve value. For example

    i) 100% Normal time FORWARDS

    ii) 50% = half speed FORWARDS

    iii) 0% = STOP!!

    iv) -50% = half speed BACKWARDS - REWIND - REVERSE

    v) - 100% = Normal speed BACKWARDS - REWIND - REVERSE

    . .and of course ANY % in between. Now!! If you want SUPER fast then increase envelop to ABOVE 100% !!!

    You can set POINTS on the Envelope to infinitely adjust ranges and sections to go fast forward<>fast backwards<>mixture of BOTH!! - Oh yes! Create a Transition and then you can start manipulating Transition Progress - MEANING, you can actually manipulate the progress of THAT transition AND reverse it halfway through too!! You could have a Slide transition slide LEFT and then halfway through slide RIGHT and then slide LEFT again. Masses to do here. MASSES!!!

    Vegas TRULY excels at all this motion manipulation. I use it a lot.

    IMO Vegas has mountains of functions that just get better and better the more you/I/we experiment with them.

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    Thanks friend

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