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Thread: In URGENT need of editing tips! please help.. have to hand in video tomorrow

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    Exclamation In URGENT need of editing tips! please help.. have to hand in video tomorrow

    Hey, guys. Sorry, for the noobieness but I'm new to the whole video editing stuff. Me and a few friends recorded a video for a project and need some desperate help with editing. It turns out, whenever we stopped recording and get ready for the next scene, portions of the camera stopped (blue screen) were recorded in the video. Now the problem is, I have no clue on how to edit those out. Please, reply. I'm in desperate need of help. I've tried using Windows Movie Maker but no luck.

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    Most if not all video editing software have a cropping feature that allows you to only use the footage you specify from time A to time B. Some programs Ive seen allow you to shorten the footage after youve already dragged it to the timeline. Try grabbing the very end of your video file and dragging it smaller on the timeline.

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    Thanks for the reply. I've tried with Windows Movie Maker but it's not helpful at all. The blue clips are very short and when I drag the bar for trim point it automatically skips it.

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    What you need to do is zoom into the video/audio track as far as you can using WMM and cut the video/audo track before the start of the blue clip and put another cut after it, then highlight the blue clip by clicking on it and hit the delete key to get rid of it. Then all you need to do is close the gap or close the gap and put a scene transition into it.

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