This is my first post and I come to this forum in the hope that you can advise me on the best package for DVD editing.

I'd like to start creating my own DVD's of singer's performances that I have recorded from music shows such as TOTP, X Factor etc.

I'm not sure on the following, so apologies for asking so many questions but if someone can answer these I would really appreciate it! I need a package that:

1. can assign titles, chapters, thumbnails, disc name, etc to my DVD's with frame-by-frame accuracy.

2. is able to merge two performances together - e.g. if two different artists were independently performing the same hit, be able to burn one performance with e.g. Artist 1 singing the 1st verse, Artist 2 singing the 1st chorus and verse, Artist 1 singing the 2nd chorus, etc.

3. for the approach in 2., be able to adjust the sound level so that the sound output is at the same level for both artists.

4. create montages of the artists 'best bits' from a variety of shows.

5. If I'm transferring footage from my Sky+ box, what is the best way to do this, to ensure optimal quality:
(i) burn extended footage to DVD via SCART via my Pioneer DVD Recorder and then place this DVD in the PC and get on with the precise editing at this point; or
(ii) connect direct from my Sky+ box to the PC (can I do this? what cable do I need?) and precisely edit / burn the footage at this point?
6. support Widescreen 16:9 recording onto DVDís

7. support Dolby Digital recording, up to 7.1

8. should I buy speakers for my PC for previewing the playback, or will the sound still be able to come through my current built-into-the-monitor speakers?

9. what does GOP boundary mean?

10. what format does Sky+ record in Ė i.e. MPEG2, etc and do most DVD burning softwares recognise a multitude of recorded formats?

11. do I need any additional software on my PC (other than a package I would buy such as VideoReDo) in order to be able to preview / burn the DVD?

12. do software packages in general allow me to then watch my edited DVD in my DVD player, provided it accepts +R, -R, etc discs? In fact, which formats can software packages record in?