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Thread: Why is Windows Movie Maker crashing?

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    Default Why is Windows Movie Maker crashing?

    I have about an hour long project made up of many different files; now, editing them either takes rediculously long or makes the program not respond so I have to task manager close it and wait a while for the files to upload again after the program tells me it saved them automatically.
    Then, I get an error report, which I don't send. I think the error is from a device driver it says. What does this mean and how should I fix it? does it mean I nead to install a latest driver for my vid card or something?

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    What are your specs??
    In the couple of years I've been editing video, I've found that more powerful computers and better software tend to crash much less. However, this is only a general rule and I find even on the computer I edit on at work, which was about the best you could get 3 months ago, longer projects tend to crash more than shorter ones. Maybe you could try splitting your project into 2-3 sections?? (you would need a short fade to black at the beginning and end of each section so that you could join the project together once you output it to tape).

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    sounds like you're loading too many files into you're ram. How much ram do you have?
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