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Thread: show share video memory from from the motherbord RAM memory.?

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    Default show share video memory from from the motherbord RAM memory.?

    I just wanna ask if is there any posibility to make a maximum of 32mb shared video memory to 128mb?

    Is there any program that can do that?

    coz my computer video memory only share from the RAM. but it can only share up to 32mb only.... so i want to ask if there any chance that theres a program that can make this to 128mb..?

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    I am not sure - what do you hope to achieve ? Really, if you want better video performance it would be best to get a video card.

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    It might be better to buy a dedicated graphics/video card with 128Mb already built in and give that 32Mb back to the system RAM. Just make sure you have either a free PCI slot or the older AGP slot to fit a new card. Then unplug the monitor plug from its current positon on the back of your computer and reconnect it to the new monitor socket on your new graphics card. How much RAM memory does your computer have? If its low you might also think about installing some more.

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