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    I want to connect a wire to the both camcorders. Now camera A to be the main one. So everthing I record goes on the tape of camera A. Now I'm recording on Camera A, camera B is paused. Now when I press play on Camera B, it records what is filming on Camera B on Camera A's tape. Then when I press pause it goes back to camera A. Hope this is a good explaination. Thanks

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    You can indeed link two DV cameras together using a firewire cable*. This enables you to transfer footahe from one to another, but I'm not quite sure it will wok in quite the way you want.

    Why do you want to record in such a manor? This would be far easier to acheive in post production.

    *assuning one has DV-in
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    They both have firewire dv in. I wanted to do this as I think I might get confused with the scene order searching through all the cameras. Also one of the camera's doesn't seem to make "scenes" in Windows Movie Maker so it's like one whole big scene. So I thought if all the footage is on one tape it will be simple.

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    Oh and I don't wont my film in single shot either so adding more camera's will increase the looks of the film.

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    So if I get a firewire lead extention for the length how will it work then? I could just film all the bits of scenes on 2 different cameras but to fit them together will be confusing so i thought on one tape will be the best idea. So does anyone know how linking firewire up with both cameras will help.


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